Eurofiber deploys ADVA FSP 150 in the Netherlands and Belgium

By On November 06, 2018

Eurofiber deploys ADVA FSP 150 in the Netherlands and Belgium

ADVA (FSE: ADV) says it has supplied its ADVA FSP 150 customer premises platform, with the help of partner Netways Europe, to European fiber-based business services provider Eurofiber. Eurofiber will deploy the FSP 150 to enable SLA-based Carrier Ethernet connectivity at customer sites in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The platform provides multi-layer demarcation and aggregation capabilities, including MEF-certified CE 2.0, IPv4/IPv6 and MPLS service demarcation. It scales from Gigabit Ethernet to 10 Gigabit Ethernet and offers zero touch provisioning and support of SLA management.

"What makes the ADVA FSP 150 such an effective CPE solution is its phenomenal flexibility and scale. It empowers us to give our customers a genuinely future-proof architecture ready to expand alongside the growing needs of their business," said Hessel Idzenga, manager, design and architecture, Eurofiber. "The new technology is compact and highly efficient in terms of space and energy consumption. With its automated deployment capabilities, the ADVA FSP 150 is a powerful tool for accelerating new service activation while at the same time driving down operational costs. It also integrates seamlessly with our existing management system.

“Just as vital, though, is the strong relationships involved,” Idzenga added. “We know from past experience that the ADVA and Netways Europe teams offer superb levels of expertise and support and share our passion to exceed customer expectations."

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Source: Google News Netherlands | Netizen 24 Netherlands

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