Tesla Sales Surge In The Netherlands In September

By On October 02, 2018

Tesla Sales Surge In The Netherlands In September

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Tesla Sales Surge In The Netherlands In September


Tesla was the 5th most popular of all brands in September.

In the Netherlands, just like in Norway, passenger car registrations significantly decreased in September (down by 16.7% to 29,527). It’s explained by delays of certification of WLTP test results for many models that are now required in the European Union.

In such circumstances, electric cars shine. Tesla noted 1,645 new registrations in September (5,284 YTD), which was the 5th best brand (ahead of companies like Volkswagen).

Moreover, the Tesla Model S, with 1,052 registrations (3,376 YTD) was the second best-selling model for the month (3.6% market share)! First place went to Opel Karl (1,283). Tesla Model X noted 593 registrations (1,908 YTD).

Jaguar I-PACE had only 21 new registrations last month (59 YTD), which means it must be still production-constrained.

Sales of high-end, expensive electric cars are expected to remain high till the end of the year, as many customers intend to make a purchase before higher taxes are applied:

  • Current BEV BIK tax: 4% for full price
  • From January 1, 2019: 4% tax will be applied only to the amount of up to €50,000. The amount above €50 ,000 will be taxed 22%

Source: RAI Vereniging

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