New edition Trends in the Netherlands

By On September 14, 2018

New edition Trends in the Netherlands

Below are excerpts from each of these themes in Trends in the Netherlands 2018.

Share of HAVO/VWO students differs widely among municipalities

In academic year 2017/รข€™18, there were nearly 956 thousand secondary students (excluding practical education and special education schools at secondary level). In Year 3 of secondary education, 47.5 percent of the student population were in senior general (HAVO) or pre-university (VWO) education. Especially in the Randstad conurbation and in/around the university cities, there are higher than average shares of students at HAVO/VWO level. In Bloemendaal, Heemstede and Oegstgeest, over 80 percent of secondary students are in HAVO or VWO. The share of HAVO/VWO students is below 35 percent in some northern municipalities.

Source: Google News Netherlands | Netizen 24 Netherlands

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